BASTARD Headquarters

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    Thank you BASTARDs for all of your help promoting our site, social media and our events!  Your involvement in the Street Team is truly appreciated.  It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference – putting up a dozen flyers, giving handbills to your friends, sharing our posts and event info with your social media or promoting our contests – it all adds up.

    All of the printable items will have a “BRO Star” on it somewhere to identify that one of our BASTARDs put it up or handed it out.  If you see another BASTARDs work, give it a shout out with a picture and the hashtag #BROstar.  Or post your own!

    • Above all else – Be safe.  Don’t go alone.  Don’t go at night.  Don’t put yourself at risk in any way.  If the thought of being in harm’s way even crosses your mind, then don’t do it.  The last thing we want is our fans getting hurt while trying to promote us.
    • You must go to the Laws & Codes tab and check the city code regarding advertising with fliers or handbills for the area you will be working in.  Please respect these laws and realize the rules change from city to city.
    • Be respectful. Politely ask to post a flier. If the answer is no, be polite and thank them, and move on.  No matter what, be pleasant and polite.  If you push, or put fliers where they are unwanted, they will just get taken down and thrown away, which is a waste of your time and resources.
    • Don’t litter. While it may be tempting to flier cars – it is wasteful, often illegal, and just ends up being a mess.  There are better places for your efforts.
    • Don’t post on top of, or remove other event posters unless the event has already happened.  It’s just bad form and we wouldn’t want others to do it to us.
    • We will post alerts here when we need a particular area covered or know of posters that have been damaged or removed so you BASTARDs can make it right.

    Let’s start with a few things you can not do. Do not put fliers into mailboxes or newspaper boxes.

    In municiple codes (laws), the term used for fliers is “Handbill”. Searching you local community ordinance code for “Handbill” will likely get you all the information you need to stay out of trouble.

    Municode is a nationwide database of ordinance codes for counties, cities, villages, etc. Just follow this link to Illinois, find your community, then search for “Handbill”.

    Do your homework. Know what is legal, or more to the point, know what is illegal, in your community.  Be polite and have a great time!

    There are many places that allow flyers to be posted or a small stack of handbills left on their counter.  Here is a list of places to check:

    Grocery Stores
    Gas Stations
    Music Stores
    Music Equipment Stores
    Hotels (Week of Event)

    Some Restaurants
    Tobacco Shops
    Vape Shops
    Comic & Book Stores
    Auto Repair Garages
    Tire Stores
    Oil Change Shops

    Colleges (May Need Approval)
    Pawn Shops
    Sports Equipment Stores
    Gyms & Health Clubs
    Bars & Night Clubs
    Liquor Stores

    Since we offer a military and veteran discount, recruitment centers and bases may allow fliers or handbills to be dropped off.

    Fire, Police & Sheriff stations – Ask them to post it internally for their employees.

    Ask your friends if they have a bulletin board at work or a place to post a flier in the break area or lunch room.

    There are a ton of opportunities to spread the word online, but be careful not to over do it. If you spam groups it just becomes noise any nobody pays attention. Be respectful and use moderation. Keep in mind that this event is in Peoria, IL.  It will not do any good to tweet our event with a popular national hashtag.  We need exposure to local businesses, groups & communities.  With that said, here are some ideas that you could use to post our prepared information.

    Twitter – Mention local athletes or celebrities that may be interested in the event.  You might get lucky and get a re-tweet to a large number of local followers.

    Twitter – Since tweets are fleeting, sending a couple per day is not too bad – but don’t do this on Facebook where posts are more permanent.

    Facebook – Many local businesses allow users to post to their Facebook page but the posts go off to a separate section.  If they want to share it they will re-post to the main feed on the page.

    Facebook – If you can find local posts with conversations about Pro Wrestling, add a comment asking if they know about the event, and attach a copy of our event flier as a photo attachment – or – drop in a link to our next event.

    We have created some custom short links at Bitly for you to use in your tweets and posts.  They are case sensitive so copy and paste them to be sure.

    Home Page :
    Our Next Event :
    Street Team Signup :
    Wrestler Profiles :
    Venue Info :
    Tickets :

    We have constructed several samples that you can just copy and paste in the asset posts below.  Have fun, be polite & promote away!

    If you have ideas that should be included here or you find that some of our suggestions do not work, email us at and we will adjust the strategies here.