Street Team

Thanks for checking out the Street Team. Joining is super easy. First you need to be registered and logged into this site. You can do that here:

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    A Street Team is a dedicated group of fans that help promote an organization or event by distributing promotional materials across a targeted geographical area or on social media. Members are given access to printable assets such as posters, counter cards, etc. that can be printed in small or large quantities on home printers then distributed to local businesses or groups that may have an interest in the event. Other ways to contribute would be to promote the event on social media using prepared graphics, Tweets and Posts that can be shared via many social networks.

    The first rule in creating a Street Team is coming up with a Bad-Ass name. A proper name will probably be a witty acronym that both defines your fans and is memorable. We had to start with Bad-Ass and also work Street Team into the name. After playing a quick mental game of Scrabble, we ended up with BASTARD. It stands for Bad-Ass Street Team And Rasslin’ Disciples. We chose Disciples because for many fans, wrestling is their religion, and all are welcome to worship at our events.

    So if you are up to the task of putting up a few fliers, or sharing a few posts about our upcoming events, we invite you to join us and be a BASTARD. Not sure where to put fliers? We have tons of ideas posted. Not sure what is legal when distributing fliers? We have that covered also with references to local laws and codes for all of Illinois. We have tried to cover all the bases but if you have questions, we are here for you.

    Go ahead. You know you want to be a BASTARD. Do it.