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Markus Murder TV

Name: Markus Murder
Date of Birth: November 6, 1983
Weight: 255 lbs
Height: 5’9
From: Pekin, IL

Wrestling Style: Strong Style

Signature Moves: Elbow Drops, Chops and The Lariat

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Do you wrestle locally, regionally, nationally or internationally? Locally

What made you want to get involved in wrestling?  I grew up in Pekin, IL as a rabid fan of Pro Wrestling – and I always knew I would be a Pro Wrestler one day.

I started wrestling in 2006, but it is been in my blood all my life.   I am a 3rd generation wrestler.  My great uncle Doc was a wrestler and my father was as well. They are the reason I got into wrestling.

Favorite match: When I went up against DJ Hyde, because he beat the hell out of me.

Companies worked for:

  • IWA Midwest

Have you ever been seriously injured? No, thank God

Intro Music: Drowning Pool – One Finger and a Fist – I picked this song because it means “Fuck You, Lets Fight!”

I am an easy going guy… who likes to hurt people.


What is your dream match-up? Against Masada

Markus Murder

Pro Wrestler

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