Bad-Ass Rasslin’ Announces New Street Team

Do you love that Bad-Ass Rasslin’ Organization is bringing underground style extreme pro wrestling to Central Illinois?  Do you find yourself thinking that more people need to know about us and our events?  Do you wonder what you could do, as a fan, to help tell the World about this amazing ing that you have found?  Do you have a little spare time on your hands?

If the answer to any of these questions is “YES” then you might be just the BASTARD (Bad-Ass Street Team And Rasslin’ Disciple) we are looking for.  Being a BASTARD will give you access to assets that you can print and distribute (posters, fliers, handbills, etc.) and easy to post social media suggestions.

It’s easy to be a BASTARD.  Just login to our site using your social media, go to the Street Team page, and hit the “Be A BASTARD” button.  This gives you access to the private BASTARD Headquarters where you will find everything you need to be an effective and valuable BASTARD: rules of BASTARD conduct, access to state and local ordinances regarding passing out handbills, ideas for places to put up posters or leave counter cards, downloadable assets in a variety of formats and much more.

So now the question is not “Are you a BASTARD?”
The question is “Why aren’t you?”
Visit the Street Team Page Now!

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